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Hello, my name is Eva, and I am a Counselling Psychologist.  I have been helping individuals and their loved ones adjust to physical and mental health difficulties for  nearly 20  years.  I have had the opportunity to work with a broad range of complex presenting problems, working successfully with people who have had previous negative experiences of therapy. 

I am a Chartered Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society (BPS), a certified EuroPsy member (the European qualification standard for psychologists), and  am registered as a Practitioner Psychologist with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). 

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I work with individuals, couples, families and groups and offer Face Time and Skype consultations.

Contact me for a free telephone consultation to see if I am the right person to help.

This is what some of my clients have said about me:

"Having never used a therapist before, I was unsure what to expect and also slightly sceptical if I am honest. Even having self-referred, I still wasn't sure if it would make any difference. Eva instantly put me at ease and I felt able to open up to her, even with the more than emotionally painful parts of the process. She showed a real understanding of my own thought processes which helped me recognise how to deal with them. She is a highly professional person but also very approachable. I have benefited greatly from my sessions with her and would have no hesitation in recommending her services."

“Eva immediately put me at ease at a particularly low and challenging part of my life. Through providing an empathetic listening ear and perspective, she was quickly able to put me back on the right track. Within 6 months of my first visit, Eva had provided me with the personalised set of tools and techniques I needed to begin restoring my personal self confidence and feeling of self worth. Since then, I have regained the balance in life that I used to experience before the impacts of depression and it’s extreme Ill effects came to light in 2017. I still have ‘bad days’, but I am now able to tackle them head on, using the techniques prescribed by Eva. My family and I have much to be grateful for, she helped me to realise that. I would certainly recommend Eva to anyone who needs help in the future. ThankYou!"

"Eva has helped me enormously in dealing with a range of traumatic long term issues thrown into force by the recent bereavement of my mother and some very difficult family issues related to it. (...)

Eva has shown very high levels of empathy and constructive proposals to enable me to change/deal with my past, stress/anxiety and exhaustion.   For the first time I have felt that I am 'believed' and understood and that my experiences are for me a very genuine trauma that I should not feel guilty about "

"I can honestly say that Eva saved my life. Meeting her and exploring more about my thoughts and feelings really helped me to better understand both myself and those around me. And Eva did it in a really supportive way. She let me go at my own pace and didn't push too hard. Eva has been a great listener and from the very beginning it felt like she was the only person that really listened to me, and understood what it felt like to be in my position. She were very approachable and I felt able to tell her anything and everything. She was also incredibly contactable, and although I didn't need to call her outside of our appointments, I always felt the door was open.

I was broken before I came to see her and she helped me to rebuild my confidence and self-belief and for that I can only thank her.  I hope I don't ever need to see her again but feel incredibly blessed to have met her." 

“When I first met with Eva I was not in a good place, I felt literally like I needed to escape from out of my own head.  Eva immediately put me at ease, moreso than any previous practitioner had, in asking about my past and the events which had led up to my current position she allowed me to see reasons as to why I was there, which I had never considered before.  She has made me look at many aspects of my life with fresh eyes, which I am now able to use to understand any issues or experiences that may have a trigger effect with how I am feeling currently.

Eva has always been very relatable, being a working mother with a demanding job she understands the pressures we inevitably place upon ourselves and this shared undestanding is sympathetic and very supportive.

Eva has given me a set of tools to help support myself when she is not there and I am not feeling great, she is now my internal voice of reason that tells me 'I am okay' and enables me to think through my problems rationally, rather than spiralling.

I would highy recommend Eva, she has given me new empathy for myself which I was hugely lacking and she has educated me on myself which has only benefited me in how I treat myself and others.

I cannot thank her enough.”

"Eva has been supportive and reassuring (...) - Eva has helped me with every stage of my grieving and I wouldn't be where I am today without her help and guidance through very difficult times. I feel I am able to move on positively with my life and accept and cope with the ups and downs (...). Eva's approach of whatever you feel is ok is excellent and allowed me to be free with my feelings"

"Excellent service - found extremely helpful to my present situation. Have felt very comfortable talking to Eva. Communication skills excellent. Very compassionate throughout appointment. Very professional".

"My sessions with Eva have been very beneficial. The first session helped a great deal in unloading the experience of diagnosis and undergoing chemotherapy. I have found the experience of attending all very positive. I am pleased I no longer require the sessions."

"Eva has been really helpful and supportive. I feel I can talk about my ongoing issues and she has recommended a number of things which help enormously"

"Eva has addressed many issues concerning my husband's cancer and its effects on us and our family. Very professional and understanding".

"I am very grateful for the help and support I have received from the sessions. She has helped me to face issues that are inside me that I find difficult without me feeling like she is looking down on me."

"Eva has very professionally supported me. Her skilled insight has given me different perspectives and coping mechanisms. She has supported me to clarify my thoughts and given me a rounded view of coping with my feelings about the death of my mother and the difficult time before and after her death."

"Very compassionate and seems to understand things in depth. Eva comes up with many scenarios of how to overcome difficulties."

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