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Our first (and sometimes second) appointment is an opportunity for us to gather as much information as possible to get a full picture of your difficulties, how these are affecting your everyday life, background and family history, your relationships, your goals, and any factors you feel are maintaining your problems. 

I am a member of the BPS Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU), so I am qualified to choose and administer psychological tests.  I may recommend a psychological test to assess you further if you have concerns about things like your memory, or if you are curious about aspects of your personality. But I don't do tests routinely and these are always done in agreement with the client and after discussion about the impact test results may have on you. 

By the end of the assessment I provide you with a summary of how I perceive your difficulties and how I may be able to help,  and you can let me know whether you would like to continue our work together. In the unlikely event that I do not feel I possess the right skills or experience to help, I will do my utmost to find you a therapist who can.

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