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Psychological Therapy

After our assessment, we meet for regular sessions, the frequency of which is guided by your psychological (and physical) needs and financial commitment. Some people prefer to meet weekly at first, and then reduce session frequency to fortnightly or even monthly. Some people only require a few sessions, others see me on and off for years. Many, who have required ongoing support, have joined support groups I have set up, that eventually continue meeting without my input.

Sometimes, people come to me individually and we realise that couples or family sessions may be more appropriate to bring about change. I charge the same, regardless of how many people are part of the session.

I choose from a wide range of therapeutic approaches, depending on which is the best fit for your personality and presenting problems. I am a big fan of mindfulness based cognitive therapy and compassion focussed therapy, as well as attachment therapy. With couples, I often combine object relations and behavioural therapy approaches. When dealing with early childhood trauma, I have found gestalt therapy incredibly powerful. I also use existential and systemic approaches.

I like to work creatively and am very flexible in adapting to your needs. I will ask for your feedback throughout our work together to ensure our sessions remain as effective as possible.

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